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Organic Plant products from Africa

Organic plant products in a premium quality as it can only be found in Africa!

Organic Moringa, Organic Baobab. Natural nutritional supplements.

Our Moringa & Baobab nutritional supplement powders and tablets are pure and natural. They all include just one ingredient. As all nutrients are available in their natural state they are verifiably better absorbed as for example artificial vitamin tablets.

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Hibiscus, Ginger, Teff. Valuable ingredients.

Bring African Flair into any kitchen! Our valuable Teff seeds, Hibiscus powder and Ginger powder can be utilized in many ways and provide unique flavors to your culinary creations.

Teff: Tiny grains with large appeal. Delicious, universal, pleasant nutty flavor. Carefree cereal without gluten.

Ingwer: Beloved for its spiciness and citrus flavor. A must for any curry dish. An extra kick for smoothies, baked goods and drinks. Our unique mix with 20% organic Baobab fruit powder adds an extra fruity note and is ideal for cooking and baking: the powder binds better and dissolves better.

Hibiscus: Already its deep-red color hints at the exciting sweet-sour flavor experience this plant provides.

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Moringa and Baobab skin oils. Valuable natural skin care.

Gained from the valuable seeds of the Moringa and Baobab fruits, only by gentle cold-pressing, never through chemical extration. Pure oil, nothing else – natural care for skin and hair.

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Hibiscus flowers, Moringa flowers, Moringa leaves. Premium organic teas.

Hibiscus flowers: The flowers of the hibiscus bush, dried. For a delicious, deep-red, fruity-sour tea. Heartwarming in the winter, cool drink in the summer.

Moringa flowers: The flowers of the Moringa tree are only rarely harvested as they produce the seeds from which the popular Moringa oil is gained. This makes it an exclusive product. Dried the flowers can be prepared to make a delicious-refreshing tea.

Moringa leaves: The leaves of the Moringa tree, most-nutritious part of the plant, dried. For a spicy-fresh tea with lots of power.

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THE ESSENCE OF AFRICA stands for 100% fairly traded and sustainably produced African plant products in premium quality.

THE ESSENCE OF AFRICA sees it as its mission to establish special African plant products on the global market. We want to contribute tot he healthy lifestyles of our clients, while at the same time creating secure employment opportunities and sustainable incomes for our producers in Africa.

Our products are 100% pure and natural. They are full of valuable nutrients that nourish the body and free of any additives the body doesn’t need.

Fair trade on eye-level for a sustainable development

The producers of THE ESSENCE OF AFRICA are all personally trained by our team to ensure consistently high quality standards. Through our work competencies are transferred that are crucial for the development of the local market.

Here you can ready more about our work in Africa:

Our promise to you:

  • We establish trade on eye-level. With everything we do, we improve the cooperation with Africa.
  • In our shop you will only find premium-quality African products.
  • We guarantee highest organic- and rawfood quality standards.
  • Fair cooperation on eye-level does not only apply to our African partners, but also to you, our customers. Therefore we agree to take back all products that are not up to your quality expectations for 30 days after delivery – no questions asked.
  • We will consult you in detail on all our products and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our activities in Africa.