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Tiny grains, unique flavor and a whole bandwidth of healthy nutrients – all this is Teff, also known as lovegrass, from Ethiopia. Teff in all its forms is becoming increasingly popular amongst health-conscious individuals. Reason for this is not only its great flavor, but also the fact that it provides a gluten-free alternative to many common grains and cereals.

Our Teff products

Teff seeds have a delicious, slightly nutty flavor and provide a pleasant consistency and many health benefits to your diet. In particular the valuable plant protein with eight different amino acids is in high demand. When preparing Teff there are no limitations to your creativity. Whether raw, sprouted, cooked or baked, whether salty or sweet – Teff seeds are a great fit for almost any meal.

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Where does our Teff come from?

Our Teff seeds come from Ethiopia, the cradle of Teff. Teff is one of the oldest cultivated grains in the world. Historians date back the first cultivation of Teff to approximately 4000 BC . In Ethiopia Teff is a staple food – In particular it is used to make the Ethiopian flatbread Injera. Injera has a soft, spongy texture and can cover the entire dining table. The bread is covered with various meat and vegetable stews and eaten in a group.

Anbau Teff

Cultivation Teff

Teff Ernte

Teff harvest

Beginning 2006 Ethiopia passed a ban on the export of all Teff seeds. The government had observed the development of Quinoa in Peru with great concern. Quinoa had traditionally been a staple food in Peru – but after it became popular on the international market, it was not attractive for producers to sell on the local market any longer and the prices increased exponentially. As a consequence many Peruvians could no longer afford one of their traditional foods. Ethiopia wanted to avoid a similar development. Now it can be observed that Teff is increasingly cultivated in other countries, paving its path into the local market – unfortunately without any Ethiopian participation. Our producer has received a rare special permit from the Ethiopian state to allow the export of unprocessed Teff seeds. To receive this permit it was important to demonstrate the sustainable cultivation, trade and use of the Teff seeds. This way Ethiopia is able to participate in the trade of Teff seeds and not become the victims of its own well-intended policy.