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Baobab box

Baobab box

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The fruit pulp of the Baobab fruit has a fruity sour flavor due to its Vitamin C content. The powder easily dissolves in liquids and provides many options of integrating it into your daily diet. In particular endurance athletes enjoy the benefits of Baobab powder.

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How do I use Baobab oil?

Baobab oil is suitable for daily usage, as well as intensive treatment. It is particularly suited to treat hair and body.

In Tanzania the oil is particularly popular with pregnant ladies who use it to treat stretch marks.

How do I use Baobab powder?

Baobab powder has a pleasant fruity-sour flavor that makes it a great fit in drinks, smoothies and deserts. The powder easily dissolves in liquids. Mixed with some sparkling water, it makes a simple, delicious and natural lemonade.
As Baobab powder also has binding properties, it can also be used in sauces and to bake.

How do I use Baobab fruit pulp powder tablets?

Baobab powder has a pleasant fruity-sour flavor. Pressed into tablet form, the benefits of Baobab powder can easily be enjoyed on-the-go, whether during travels, at work or when exercising.

Where does our Baobab come from?


Our Baobab comes from our project in Tanzania. The partner has been trained and developed by us personally to ensure a consistently high-quality standard.

More information about Baobab

More information about the raw material Baobab can be found on the Baobab-Site.