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Teff Butter



  • 2 tbsp butter or margarine
  • 2 tbsp teff seeds
  • lemon peel or similar, optional


Roast teff seeds at medium heat until they start turning golden brown and release their roasted scent. Let the seeds cool off and grind half of them. Add the ground seeds to the butter and mix in some finely cut lemon peel or similar for extra aroma. The scent is mouth-watering and the taste out of this world! The crispy, crunchy texture completes this delicious, yet simple treat.

P.S.: The roasted seeds are also a great topping for cream soups, yoghurts, puddings, cakes and cupcakes.

A big thank you goes to Maya

A big thank you goes to Maya who shared this wonderful recipe with us. Check out her instagram page for lots more great recipes!

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