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Roasted Pumpkin with Hibiscus Baobab Dip



  • Pumpkin (Hokaido or Butternut)
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Soy yoghurt
  • Vanilla Protein Powder
  • Hibiscus powder
  • Baobab Powder


Cut the pumpkin into thin slices. For a Hokaido pumpkin the skin can be left on, for a Butternut pumpkin it has to be removed. Roast the slices in the oven together with the cinnamon until the slices are soft.

Divide the yoghurt and the protein powder into two bowls. Mix one half with hibiscus powder and the other half with Baobab powder. Mix the two mixtures lightly without mixing them completely.

Now all you have to do is dip the pumpkin pieces into the dip and enjoy!

A big thank you goes to the exceptional chef Nina, who shared this great recipe with us. Follow her on instagram to get inspired by her many great vegan, gluten- and sugar-free recipes!

Additional information

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