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The name Moringa is often used to refer to the plant Moringa oleifera, the most well-known plant of the Moringaceae family. Moringa oleifera, sometimes also known as the miracle tree or tree of life is one of the most astonishing and nutritious plants mother nature has provided us with.

Our Moringa products

bio moringa öl

Moringa oil offers many cosmetic benefits and is used to nurture the skin and hair. Especially for problematic skin, Moringa oil can provide effective relief.

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The leaves of the Moringa tree are the most nutritious part of the plant. Dried and ground into powder it can easily be integrated into the daily diet.

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Moringa powder pressed into tablet form can conveniently be taken in on-the-go.

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bio moringa blaetter tee

The leaves of the Moringa tree are known as the most nutritious part of the plant. Dried they can be used to prepare a spicy tea.

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bio moringa blueten tee

The flowers of the Moringa tree are a very exclusive product. In their dried form they can be prepared to make a refreshing tea. The taste is reminiscent of fresh cucumber.

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Where does our Moringa come from?

All our Moringa leaf products (powder, tablets, tea) comes from either Namibia or Gambia, where the plant is cultivated under controlled-organic circumstances.

Both in Namibia and Gambia, the africrops! GmbH, the company behind the brand THE ESSENCE OF AFRICA, and its local partners runs vocational training centres to develop organic farmers. These are the first training farms of their kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. The principles of organic farming are trained according to the standards set out in the respective national vocational training curriculums. From the cultivation of various crops to the use of organic pesticides the students learn everything a good Moringa farmer needs to know. The graduates of the program receive a state-issued certificate with which they of course can not only become Moringa farmers, but are able to find employment in all areas of organic farming. We are proud that thus far every graduate has been able to find specialized and secure employment shortly after graduating!

Berufsbildung Gambia

Vocational Training Gambia

Fields namibia

Fields gambia

Berufsbildung Namibia

Vocational Training Namibia