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Vocational training & Moringa production in Gambia has been implemented successfully!


The cooperation with the Kuras Garden nursery began in 2017 after Gambia’s former president Jammeh left office. The owner of the nursery had been active as a consultant on education outside of Gambia for many years.

In the first phase, Moringa was cultivated on a few hectares. africrops! trained the farm manager on cultivation, harvesting and processing of Moringa and guided the farm through the organic certification according to EU standards. In close cooperation the Moringa farm was quickly developed and a processing unit built. The construction of the processing unit relied on local engineering expertise and only locally available materials where used.

Organic Moringa cultivation in the Gambia

Various processes and standards were established and trained and implemented within very short time. The lab analyses show that the Moringa is produced at Kuras Garden is of exceptionally high quality – testament to the fact that all trained processes are being closely followed.

Kuras Garden aims to develop and promote organic farmers and so a vocational training school was established on the farm site in close cooperation with africrops!, complete with an organic farming curriculum and teachers. Since October of this year the first students are enrolled in the year long program, that has been based on africrops!’ “dual, but not German” vocational training model.

The project has been a full success in every aspect thanks to the efficient and professional implementation by our Gambian partner.