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New: Organic ginger root powder!


The health and taste benefits of ginger haven’t been a secret for a long time. For hundreds of years, the ginger root has been used and appreciated worldwide in the healing arts of various cultures. Especially for digestion, the plant is said to have positive properties. Due to its lemony-fruity aroma and pleasant spiciness, it is however increasingly also used as a seasoning.   A special innovation in the ginger powder of THE ESSENCE OF AFRICA is the addition of 20% organic baobab fruit powder! The fruity taste of the baobab powder further enhances the lemony flavor of the ginger powder and thus complements it perfectly. In addition, baobab powder has binding properties that are particularly beneficial in cooking and baking. An optimal addition for the creative kitchen!   In our blog and on our Instagram profile, we will regularly post new creations. Have you created something delicious with our ginger powder and want to share your idea with others? Write to us and we’ll share your recipe on our platforms. With reference to your platform or rather anonymously, as you prefer.

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