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Moringa as an energy booster!


We often receive the feedback from customers that they feel a noticeable energy boost after taking Moringa. At the same time it is also known to aid restful sleep. At first this seems like a direct contradiction – so how does it do it?

The first thing to note is that Moringa is caffeine free. The energy boost we experience therefore feels different than for example after a cup of coffee. Caffeine will stimulate our mind and make us hyper and energized to the point were we may even feel jittery. Moringa on the other hand will increase your focus and concentration levels. You will feel energized, but at the same time not like you have to use all your energy at once. It’s like being well rested. Being well-rested helps you keep your energy levels up and one can also concentrate better, but it does not make you run around hyper.

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The secret to Moringa’s energy boost can be found in its unique combination of nutrients, in particular the combination of B vitamins, as well as a high amount of magnesium and potassium. Vitamin B greatly increases the absorption of magnesium and potassium in your body. This results in muscle relaxation, relief from anxiety, depression and headaches. Helping our mind reach a better state of relaxation helps us to focus and concentrate better. At the same time the high amount of Vitamin B1 present helps convert sugar into energy, giving us a boost!

We should also not forget the abundance of other nutrients present, such as antioxidants and other vitamins. These all greatly contribute to our well-being and therefore naturally also to our energy levels.

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As Moringa does not stimulate our mind and does not contain any sugar of its own, but only helps convert the sugar already present to energy, it will not keep us awake when taken before going to bed. To the contrary, Moringa’s ability to help promote muscle relaxation and relieve stress means that it can greatly help achieve more restful sleep.